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Shandong Shunshitong group is located on the northern coast of Shandong Province, being backed by Jieshi Mountain that faces the blue ocean in the west and next to the vast Bohai Sea in the north. With the favorable rich resources, it is not only a fishery production base which enjoys a long history, but also a tourist resort in the north of Shandong.

Shunshitong group has 3 subsidiaries:Shandong Shunshitong Biological Technology CO.,Limited,Shandong Xingbin Biological technology CO.,Limited,WD STS Biol.Development CO.,Limited.

The group company is a company focused research and development,production,sales,service and trade integrated investment enterprise, its branch office with a designed production capacity of more than 20,000 tons annually, while the actual production capacity fluctuates with the market economy, raw material resources and other factors. The main products produced and operated by the group company include animal protein feed raw materials,plant protein feed raw materials. The group company's management team is composed by senior management professionals from domestic enterprises, who have rich experience in the production, management, quality control and after-sales service related to feed raw materials, and other products. The group company attaches great importance to product quality control, being equipped with excellent technologies, and a high-quality management team. The group company takes all efforts to pursue excellence and perfect in terms of raw materials quality check and control, and finished product quality inspection.

The group company sticks to the principle of “Reputation-supreme, Quality-first, Contributing High Quality Services”. Over the years, it has been maintaining good relations of cooperation with many big domestic feed groups . The export grade raw materials of feeds and other products are exported to countries and regions all over the world, being highly praised and recognized by users.

The group company is willing to cooperate with new and old customers to create our mutual brilliance!